Asian Games Olympic Souvenirs Warming Collection Of Lesson To Be Learned

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With the recent light rail section of the gradual completion of Zhongshan, the Asian Games from the general public seem to be getting close. This reporter has learned, the recent collection of market subsequently becomes busy, the Asian Games of all kinds of collectibles such as coins, stamps and so the city became the focus of large collectors, the recent prices are therefore hotter.

 However, experienced collectors and the industry is to remind consumers to keep the appropriate reason.

  always the most popular gold coins and stamps

 It is understood that the collections of the Asian Games gold coins and stamps mainly the most popular. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Account Manager Ms. Lin told the reporter that the relevant provision of the current coin of the line are numerous types, such as the Guangzhou New Eight, the countdown will not mark the series when customers come to the consultation.

 In addition, there are some souvenirs Tiger and Asian themes and used to produce the Asian Games commemorative stamp. "As far as I know, the early market has been basically sold out of products, now if only wait to buy a new one-to-market, collection of mainly speculation based on the secondary market, especially the small amount, but sets Chushou The products are collectors more concern and sought after. "Forest Management introduced the.

 In addition, as an essential mark the stamp varieties, can be described as more of its wide range of audiences. As a commemorative coin and stamp collectors of Ling Jie said that in addition to the Beijing Olympics after a series of stamps, the stamp of this Asian Games are the object of its collection. "A few thousand dollars compared to the price of gold at every turn, collections of stamps less than the cost of gold, prices are generally more affordable, more convenient store also, not to worry about theft, and collection and Memorial is a good value compared to the same. "Ling Jie said.

 However, she also pointed out that, due to the circulation of these stamps is generally more, but the year is relatively new, so mark the value is much greater than the value to the collection, so she even interested in collecting, would not choose to recent market speculation in the atmosphere When compared with Sheng shot.

  Beijing Olympic souvenir collection should draw "lessons learned"

 According to Forest Management revealed that at present the bank a lot of regular customers to buy Asian products for gift giving, the real collection of varieties purchased mainly concentrated in several large series of expensive, so the overall supply and demand are relatively balanced.

 However, Ling Jie, at present many of the Beijing Olympic Games commemorative coins was speculative because the price is too high, so now not only did not rise, there was even a fall in the previous 1,000 yuan, as she bought a set of Olympic commemorative coins are now the market Many only sell 500 yuan. So she expects some of the products the Asian Games will see. "As some were only three or four thousand dollars the cost of the gold coin set, I heard about 15,000 currently Scoop, such a short period of time up in such a way, simply a collection of investments have lost value, so when you buy the most predict a good first look at the appreciation of space, not just attracted by themes. "Ling Jie said.

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Asian Games Olympic Souvenirs Warming Collection Of Lesson To Be Learned

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This article was published on 2010/10/13