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In the past near 11 holiday, the capital of the emerald business earned laugh bloom, many firms total sales up to several hundred million Jade. Experts said that in recent years, some domestic jewelery auction, high-grade jade prices hit record highs, the speed of its appreciation, is antiques, stamps and paintings, and other investment products can not match.

 Beijing Jade market demand its expansion

 Since ancient times, Chinese people have the tradition of love of jade, jade into China has moved quickly since sought after by people, by this traditional influence in the world, the Chinese became the largest consumer group Jade. In recent years, as China's economy took off, was suspended last century 70's Jade consumer market in China and other developed areas in Guangdong, Beijing and Shanghai once again thrive.

The first half of this year, Beijing is more hot jade market situation, several well-known emerald scale business to expand sales in Beijing. Among them, the only listed Chinese jade industry in Hubei Dongfang Jinyu company ????? Inc., in February Campbell Street, opened in Wangfujing Jinyu Beijing Oriental jewelry shopping; mid-April, Taiwan's largest jade business "rich imperial jewelry "CBD has also been stationed in Beijing's Shin Kong Place, China Central Place.

 High appreciation of scarce resources in a large space Emerald

 So far, only emerald gem Myitkyina in northern Myanmar mining area can be such a rare non-renewable mineral resources, after a century of mining, the high-quality jade stones are now nearly exhausted, push prices up Jade. According to experts, Dong Lisha jewelry introduced last two years the average high-grade jade 30% -50% appreciation of the future have a great appreciation of space.

 In last month's "Top Marques Beijing International Exhibition", the only business Colorful Yunnan Emerald Foreign exhibitors showcasing its Zhendian treasure "generation on drowning," this Jade Suite 2004, valued at 36 million group of experts, and now , experts are now over 60 million a conservative estimate.

 In addition, the Beijing company staff She Colorful Yunnan, said the East early, when it opened three years ago, Colorful Yunnan to 228,000 sold an emerald "bergamot", its market price has now risen to 600,000 yuan. In addition the company had opened to sell a 128,000 yuan called "ants? Moon cake" of jade, 3 months after the new buyers trying to use 500 thousand yuan to buy this emerald, the original buyer but that this collection of refuse will be more value-added shot.

 Collection strategy focused boutique, identification of themes

 Jewelry experts said the value of jade collection performance in the concentration of assets, increasing the value, decorative, aesthetic and other aspects, jade collection should show impulsive behavior of short-term speculation, but should hold long-term investment strategy. In addition, if economic strength allows, should focus on fine, high-grade jade collection.

 Recognized the value of the industry to assess the emerald four standard, color, transparency (head), texture (kind of), process. Experts said that four elements are present the value of jade is expensive Acura Jade, for collectors, as long as with the two elements is a worthwhile collection of high quality jade. As long as a good germplasm, with features, the transaction price will be increased substantially. Dong Lisha said, should establish a collection of the best collection of emerald theme, a series of special collections of goods, such as the Lunar New Year, totem, and religion. Because these collections may be single purchase price is not high, but the collectors to form a series of them, its artistic value would be significantly increased.

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Collection Jade Jade Should Do Long

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This article was published on 2010/10/14