Connoisseur Tips: 8 Lotus Teach You Lottery Collection

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In China, the lottery began in the late Qing Dynasty, the Republic of China was once very active during the betting, lottery variety. The lottery into the collection area, or new in recent years. It was predicted that it will become the stamps, coins, phone card after the first four categories people popular collectibles. Some successful collectors, summed up the following eight common lottery collection methods:

? By type of collection. There are traditional lottery, which means that type, which means that the combination of the traditional type, lottery-based and computer-based, and several other categories, sub-up and they all have a number of categories such as the Chinese style, sports lottery, relief series, there some special form of lottery, as with tickets, tickets, family tickets, Fu Juan votes, counting and so on. Can be said that diversity, variety, each has its advantages. Select a category, in-depth research, collecting up very easily.

? Chronological collection. This is a traditional collection methods, such as time period is to age of the unit and scope of the collection, to a certain year or a few years or a period of time all the collections issued by lottery.

? Geographical collection. Lottery is not only the national issue, provinces and municipalities, various industries have issued. If the more popular nowadays, "Fucai" and "Sports Lottery" series, almost all provinces and cities issued, and number, form and pattern are different themes, use of local advantages of relatively easy to collect locally.

? By topic collection. Tickets are generally printed on the face pattern, number, face value of the content and distribution units, the main chart patterns varied, with around scenic spots, historical relics, Calligraphy Fine art, but also customs, economic achievements and so on. Designated collection area under the logo, select the same or similar subject matter related to the collection pattern. Subjects such as trains, train specialized collection of images with the lottery, very interesting.

? By themes. And according to similar themes collection, select a topic around the theme of the collection, with color label design to tell a story, or about one thing and the circumstances surrounding the development and changes, very interesting, it is nowadays very popular, very popular collection methods, like those popular Jicang.

? According to numbers collected. Lottery numbers are complex, and some Jicang who are interested in for specific numbers, as some lucky numbers 6666,8888,9999, and some law No. 202020,111222333, etc., and some value of some with their own birthdays, anniversaries and other related number. Generally speaking, with a special number value greater than the ordinary collection of lottery numbers lottery.

? Collect wrong variant of lottery. In the collection area of the customary one is to fault for the treasure. In such "wrong vote" and do not be a waste, rejects from the disposal, and perhaps it even more special.

? Collection of "self." Some Tibetan friends prefer to have bought the lottery all collections, as a souvenir or research purposes.

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Connoisseur Tips: 8 Lotus Teach You Lottery Collection

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This article was published on 2010/09/14