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Autograph collection is one of the most engaged hobbies of all time. Obtaining a collection of your most admired celebrity can truly be fulfilling and enjoyable. Aside from being a worthwhile and fun hobby, autograph collecting may end up as a profitable trade. A very good and rare collection can be everybody's envy as well as a potential source of income for bartering, selling, and trading.


In order for you to kickstart your hobby, you need to first ascertain whose autograph you are willing to collect, in other words narrow down your collection. You can target the sports icons, movie or TV stars of your own choosing. It will help to start with a collection that you'll be most interested with. Go for someone whom you truly follow and idolize, that way it'll be easy to start building your entire collection of memorabilia and signed items.


After you have determined your choice of celebrity to follow, educate yourself as to what autographed stuff is easily available within said option. Determine pricing, how to obtain them and then familiarize yourself as to the authenticity and look of your favorite icon's autograph to ensure you get genuine items which in turn will make your collection more valuable.


Here's the fun part, after you've completed steps one and two, you are on the road toward the most thrilling part of the hobby: collecting! Always keep close track of important events in your area which may feature your fave celeb; like shop opening, book signing, or CD launching for instance, to ensure you get first-hand the autograph of that particular celebrity you fancy.


If luck is on your side, you will be able to personally get the autograph of your favorite star! How cool is that? But never annoy them or you will end up shooing them away. Be polite, courteous, and nice in requesting for a possible autograph signing when the opportunity arrives.


Once you are able to create your own prized collection, you must ensure you keep your collection safe and organized in a scrap book or hobby box where you can neatly file them away for safety.

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Kick Start Your Autograph Collection Today

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This article was published on 2010/10/26