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RC (or Remote controlled) Cars have always been among the hottest toys in any given year. This may be attributed to the fact that children (and adults for that matter) love the idea of getting to control a car on their own. Nitro RC cars are a particular kind of remote controlled car that runs on nitro-fuel. These particular line in the RC vehicle set are said to be very powerful gas-powered RC cars that are known to go to more than fifty to sixty miles per hour, which makes it considerably faster than their electric-powered counterparts. Nitro RC cars use a mixture of nitro methane, methanol, and oil for fuel; their engines work exclusively to this particular type of mixture only so no putting of regular gasoline in their special engines! One gallon of nitro fuel in an RC car is said to usually last for hours and hours on end. This makes nitro RC cars more preferable to their electric RC counterparts that need constant charging and generally give you slower speeds. These RC cars aside from its speed, is able to tackle different kinds of terrain. This type of RC cars, especially those that are of the truck-type built, often offer wide suspensions to allow for higher ground clearance; an added bonus to the Nitro RC Cars is that it comes as a ready-to-run package like most RC cars.

Just like all regular cars (and RC cars for that matter), these RC cars need to be broken in. In the course of using this type of RC car, you will notice that it will perform better as the engine heats up. They also need time for practice for them to be able to reach their engine’s full potential and give you its maximum speeds.

Almost all the major RC car brands and providers offer Nitro RC Cars. Because of the inherent popularity of professional RC racing, a higher demand for the fastest RC cars are now underway. They are left with more room for customization than other RC cars and it also leaves you able to add more types of RC car parts. Nitro RC cars parts also go with different model types like the Dodge Viper, Mercedes, Ford GT, Mini Cooper, and Lamborghini. Imagine driving a Lamborghini around with the fraction of the price!

These RC cars are as safe as they go fast. However, since the nitro-fuelled RC car contains a mixture of chemicals for fuel, owners should take a degree of responsibility as well as discretion when running them in public places. After all, running at around fifty miles per hour is bound to make some damage if you ever hit anything. For this reason, it is highly advisable for anyone under 12 to be supervised when driving a RC car.

When winter comes and its time to store your RC car, remember to drain the fuel from the tank and store it some place cool, and dry to keep it fresh for a longer period of time.

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Nitro RC Cars

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Nitro RC Cars

This article was published on 2012/03/24